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Win with Enterprise Tiger

The most reliable & agile enterprise digitalization platform

Winning in digitalization using Enterprise Tiger platform

Right tools, technology and solutions for your enterprise digitalization

Right tools, technology and solutions for digitalization are inbuilt in Enterprise Tiger

Enterprise Tiger platform has all the right components needed for enterprise digitalization: a scalable & reliable software framework, digital interfaces (apps, web interfaces, chatbots) for every channel, front-office workflows and interfaces suited for your workplace, allocation & rules engines for multi-channel collaboration, back-office digitization and automation workflows and tools, integration for legacy systems & third party services and data feed to analytics services.

These 4 features of Enterprise Tiger will sky-rocket your digital apetitite

Sky rocketing digital apetite using Enterprise Tiger

With Enterprise Tiger’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dynamic form builder you can create business ready mobile app screens, web interfaces and workflows on the fly. As digital processes kick in, the core allocation engine makes sure all of your channels communicate and collaborate in real time.  Extending functionalities and features of your digitalization implementation is as easy as using plug-ins. And during all this Enterprise Tiger platform makes sure that performance and security is taken care of.

dynamic form builder in Enterprise Tiger

DIY form builder for digital frontends

Dynamic worklfows in Enterprise Tiger

Dynamic workflows

Plug and Play code in Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)

Plug-n-Play services

Allocation Engine in Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)

Multi-channel collaboration engine

While the platform is industry agnostic, we have built specialized solutions for

Banking and Non Banking Financial Institution

Banking & Non-Banking Financial Institutions

Micro Finance Institution

Micro Finance Institutions

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies & Brokerage Firms

Telecom Companies

Telecom Companies

Digitally rich packages

Digitalization package for acquisition & origination customer journeys

Digitalizaton of customer acquisition, sourcing and origination processes

If you have onboarding processes which require customers to go through KYC and approval steps, ENSource is a perfect fit for you. You can digitalize customer journeys across all channels – field agents, tele-callers, branches, agencies, front-end offices, etc. ENSource provides you most appropriate smart phone, tablet and web interfaces for both self-service and assisted channels.

Not only that, using ENSource you can innovate – build new digital acquisition channels like, lead capture from third party apps or insert buttons in social sites which link back to your lead capture process.

ENSource provides a core engine for multi-channel lead management and collaboration. You can easily automate your back office operations using ENSoure workflows. These are tightly integrated with your front-end digital interfaces.

For your lending and credit card products, ENSouce has a complete origination process automation workflow built-in.

Digitalization package for collections and payments customer journeys

Digitalize collections operations using ENCollect. ENCollect comes pre-configured with field collections mobile apps, front-end & back-end collections operation worklfows & interfaces, multi-channel allocation engine & debt collections modules.

Using ENCollect’s rules based allocation engine you can set paramaters for automated allocation of accounts to right field agents, branches, agencies & tele-callers month on month. With ENCollect you can monitor field & branch collections operations performance at par with tele-caller operations.

When it comes to debt collections, ENCollect package has ready deployable modules for payments tracking, reconciliation, delinquency management, settlement, legal and repossession. It is a fully digital end-to-end collections management software.

Digitalization package for over-the-counter money deposit, withdrawal & transfer customer journeys

Digital Agency Banking

If you are thinking agency banking, micro branches, bill payment services or fully automated self-service branches, think ENTeller.

Over-the-counter teller services can easily be digitized using ENTeller mobile / tablet app. The ENTeller mobile app integrates tightly with any core banking software. Your tellers can carry out withdrawal or deposit operations using the app. The app can also perform mobile money, card swipe or online transfer transactions.

Now increase your teller reach without opening expensive branches.

Business ready solutions for specific industries, line-of-businesses and products

Industry agnostic digitalization, specialized solutions fo industry

Omni channel digital solutions for Banks, Non-banking FIs and MFIs 

Digital customer acquistion for loans, CASA accounts, credit cards & agency banking

If you are a financial institution, we have omni-channel digital customer acquisition solutions for your lending business, liabilities business and credit cards business. For loan products, a complete origination automation is available. Whether you do group loans, individual loans, vehicle loans, mortages or home loans, you can configure an end-to-end digital customer acquisition process. You can even build digital operations for agency banking and micro-branches. We have a digital framework for banking correspondents who work on multiple portfolios.

Loan and credit card collections

A full fledged end to end digital debt-collections product is available for loans and credit cards.

Digital solutions based on business priorities

Whether you want to digitize your existing branches or reach out to remote areas through field operations, we can optimize implementations based on your business priorities.

Omni channel digital solutions for Insurance businesses

Customer acquisition

If you are an insurance company who sells products using multiple channels, Enterprise Tiger has omni-channel digital sourcing solution for you. You can configure and customize ENSource as per your insurance products – life insurance, health insurance, group insurance, vehicle insurance, etc.

Brokerage firms

If you are a brokerage firm or an agency we can help you go digital with multiple insurer portfolios. Our system can integrate with multiple client systems. We will provide you smartphone/tablet app digital interfaces for your agents to work from anywhere.

Digitalization for Insurance companies

Omni channel digital solutions for Telecoms

Customer acquistion & KYC approval

If you are a telecom company selling postpaid, prepaid and corporate plans through multiple outlets nationally or globally, we will help you go digital across all your outlets and branches.

ENSource for Telecoms will tightly integrate with your existing CRM systems and telecom core systems.

Outstanding collections

The ENCollect collections management system will help you manage collections operations digitally.

Growth is at the heart of an ENTiger led digital transformation story

heart of digitalization

Enterprise Tiger will help you: digitize, differentiate, drive more business, and cover market risks

Drive business with Enterprise Tiger

‘Market developments’ the top most risk for enterprises today.

idc market research*

Cover market risks

Using Enterprise Tiger platform’s ENSource, ENCollect and ENTeller packages you can digitize customer journeys across all channels for acquisition, origination, collections and branch teller services. Digitizing these customer journeys delivers great RoI. First, you get unprecedented cost savings and efficiency improvements which  help you scale up and drive more business. Second, the improved digital customer journeys brings you more business. That’s direct impact on your topline and bottomline.

Boost your topline and bottomline manifold

Saving overhead cost using Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)
Improvement in market capture using Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)
Improvement in front & back office effeciencies using Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)
Improvement in customer satisfaction using Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)

Meet today’s business needs. Create top-notch digital operations. Innovate & Disrupt. All using one platform.

Top notch digital operations using Enterprise Tiger

Get a head start with Enterprise Tiger!


of your peers are already disrupting the market

idc market research*

Designed for quick deployment, Enterprise Tiger gets you started at a higher maturity level of digitalization. If you are just starting-off with your digital initiatives and want to demonstrate immediate wins in the market, Enterprise Tiger will make it happen for you. When it comes to implementation, Enterprise Tiger platform simplifies collaboration between your Line of Business and IT. It will be easy for you to lay down new requirements and covert them into ready features. Added to that we also bring in our expertise and experience of global best practices on digitization.

Operational transformation made easy with Enterprise Tiger

Ready to lead the brave new digital world?

Leader in digital implementations using Enterprise Tiger

Minimize future risks to Zero.

Minimizing future risk using Enterprise Tiger (ENTiger)

As the markets change, the nature of digital requirements will evolve. This is where your investment in Enterprise Tiger will pay off in a big way. While others will struggle, you will simply move from success to success.

With Enterprise Tiger you will always have latest cool digital features, new line-of-business workflows & business algorithms at your disposal even before you ask for them.

Create a future-proof digital roadmap






Build your digital dreams with us. Be a partner in growth.

We are built a unique digital platform. It may inspire you to think of some cool algorithms or process implementations that can be revolutionary. Build them on our platform. And gain all the rewards and benefits of growth. A step further, if you would like to share your innovations with the world, you can join it as a solution offering in Enterprise Tiger. Gain lifelong benefits as a solution partner and a market leader.

You can be our channel partner as well. We offer many flexible partnership models. Talk to us today. Let us build a brave new digital world together.

Enterprise Tiger channel partner

Channel Partner

Enterprise Tiger Solution Partner

Solution Partner

We are creating wins across the globe. Don’t be left behind

Global sucess using Enterprise Tiger

Million USD

amount transacted digitally in 2016


transactions from smart phones in 2016

Active users

using Enterprise Tiger apps till end of 2016



for all clients across all implementations


across the globe in 2 years


using Entperprise Tiger for operations

Capital First
Tata Capital
The art of living
Vistaar finance
Paras Finance
Varthana finance

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